CrossFit Cape Cod Friday 7/25/14


CrossFit Cape Cod Friday 7/25/14

One Of The Classes From The “Hats On For Mike” WOD
CrossFit Cape Cod
Workout Of The Day
“Power Total”
1 Rep Max
Back Squat
Bench Press
Combine The Score Of All 3 Lifts For Your Total.

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  1. Mark and Allen Fleck are doing a competition this Saturday at Baystate CF in Plymouth. A few of us are going to cheer them on. You guys will do great!

  2. Good luck Mark and Allen!!!
    125- bench- pr!
    235- Deadlift
    Felt pretty good today-
    I don’t know what you were squatting Kevin- but it looked like a LOT! Nice job! Happy Friday!

  3. Good luck Mark and Allan!

    365# squat – Quick turnaround from last night and that mile caught up to me on my attempt at 385#. Next time.

    195 bench

    375# deadlift

    I thought I had done 385# on the squat at some point but all I can find is 365# so tied PR on that, bench is a PR (just haven’t done much benching), and 375# is a PR on deadlift. All and all it was a good day. Thanks Michelle for the comic relief this morning.

  4. PR city at the box tonight!
    150# back squat- 15# PR
    85# bench press- 10# PR
    205#(!!!) deadlift- 30# PR!!!

    Congrats to everyone who had PR’s tonight, & good luck tomorrow Mark & Al!

  5. 150# back squat (5#PR, 30# heavier than last time we did this WOD)
    95# bench press (15# PR)
    215# dead lift (10# PR)
    460# total (55# higher total than last time we did this WOD back in Jan!!!)