Crossfit Cape Cod December 9th 2015 WOD


Crossfit Cape Cod December 9th 2015 WOD




Crossfit Cape Cod

12/09/15 Wednesday


7 Rounds for Time:

7 Clean & Jerk 155/105 *

7 Burpees over the bar

*Do not exceed 70% of your 1RM


EMOM: 10min

 ODD –  10 GHD sit ups w/med ball 14/10#

Even –  4 Bar Muscle ups

Scale for Optional

weighted sit ups ,

4 CTB pull ups, 4 dips on static bars or rings

26 Responses

  1. Josh

    12:14 Rx
    Optional: complete substituted bar muscle ups for muscle ups to save my elbow.
    That was a devastating couplet!!!

  2. Lori Neviackas

    18:50ish, minus a bit of toddler wrangling in between, haha. 75#
    Great to see Sara coaching this morning, you’re awesome Sara! That was the biggest 9:30 class i’ve seen in a while!

  3. Hatch

    16:17 #75

    Lots of energy at 5:30m! And love Erin Meaghers playlist!!! Nothin like Genuwines “Pony” to get the juices flowing!!
    Errr, aaaahmm…..I mean umm….

    1. Christopher Judkins

      I like how she snuck it on yesterday, I was like “there is NO WAY that I put this on my playlist” lol

  4. Christopher Judkins

    I hated every second of this workout, mostly because I was frustrated, except for the the one in which Jamin clued me in that I had used 155 instead of 135# like I had thought. I was a battle but that made my day. 25:19rx