Crossfit Cape Cod Wednesday December 23rd 2015


Crossfit Cape Cod Wednesday December 23rd 2015

Crossfit Cape Cod

Wednesday 12/23/15


EMOM 10:00


1 above  the knee + 1 low hang below the knee



10 Rounds for max calories

1 Round =

1 min Row

1 min Rest

Accessory Work

4 Rounds not for time

25 band pull aparts

25 around the back band pull together


30 muscle ups for time

24 Responses

  1. Kevin Medeiros

    A: 135# (wasn’t feeling it)
    B: 188 cal – I thought I did alright until Dan threw up a 215. He is a rowing machine.
    Thank you Amy for my personalized cookie:-) I will make sure not to eat it and shalack it and hang it as an ornament.

  2. Emily Arnick

    176 cal
    I wanted to say thank you to this wonderful CF community. As some of you know, we transferred from Kodiak, Alaska to Cape Cod last summer … it was literally as far as we could have possibly gone and still be in the United States. It was an especially hard transfer for me for several reasons and I’m not sure I would have fared as well without my Crossfit community. This Holiday season, I’m especially thankful for all of you … for making me feel welcome … and not like a weird Alaskan. 🙂

  3. Amy Squeglia

    Thank you 5:30 class for always rocking my mornings…and those of you that missed today I fed your kettle bell cookies to the birds.

    1. Nicole

      The 5:30 class gets KB cookies! Nope, sorry that still isn’t enough motivation for me to get in at that time. But seeing Amy would be! Miss you Diva!

  4. Nicole

    85# x2 90# x4 95# x2 my form suffered went back to 90# Thank you Mason…that’s why we all do CrossFit…we have coaches that care. You won’t get that at “normal gym” Our CrossFit community is the best!

    166 calorie row.

    1. Andy Mathieson

      Oh. And a nice little cut above my right eyebrow because I felt like it was a good idea to take a barbell to it. Smh….

  5. Sarah S

    45# squat snatch…such a hard lift but the strong ladies at 4:30 were throwing some heavy weight around!
    126 calories

  6. Terry

    Emily you are always a ray of sunshine… Your positive personality and attitude is so contagious
    All C3 is happy to have you