CrossFit Cape Cod December 1st


CrossFit Cape Cod December 1st


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD 

Bodyweight Back Squat Ladder

Rest 5:00

3/4 Bodyweight Push Press Ladder

Rest 5:00

1 1/2 Bodyweight Deadlift Ladder

Each ladder is 1 the first minute, 2 the second minute, 3 the third etc. Break it up as you need to during the minute. If you can’t do the reps in the minute, you are done with that movement.

Want a CrossFit Cape Cod sweatshirt or raglan baseball shirt? There is a new pre order at the desk! Please pay for all items at the time you place your order. We can also charge your account. If you won an item in the nutrition challenge make sure you put your name on the list!

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  1. Christina Sotiros

    The baseball shirts are awesome sauce!! Mark, I ordered a shirt and a zip hoodie. Please charge my account. I forgot to say that on the order. 🙂