Crossfit Cape Cod December 15th WOD


Crossfit Cape Cod December 15th WOD

Crossfit Cape Cod

12/15/15 Tuesday


Bench Press

5-5-5-5-5 @ 80%


3 Cycles of:

4min work

2min rest

Row 500m

Max Goblet squats 2/1.5

score is total reps of goblet squats


Weighted  Ring Dips


with L-sit rope climb in-between sets

20 Responses

  1. Christopher Judkins

    HUGE and lively 530 class this morning! Great work on the squats everyone, always impressed by you guys getting after it so early in the morning. AWESOME!

  2. Kelly Cook

    Did a mix of 95 and 105 for my sets of 5. Didn’t get through all 5 at 105.
    30, 27, 25 Rx
    My legs are toast.

  3. Mase

    All male club at 6:30!! Woohoo nice job guys! Way to hang in with those squats Josh!
    No bench press today did barbell rows 85#
    Nice job on that Emily!

  4. Christopher Judkins

    185# x 5 on the bench and 72rx. Gotta shake this cold but glad I did it. Can’t wait for overhead squats tonight!