CrossFit Cape Cod Carnival


CrossFit Cape Cod Carnival

Announcing the “Workouts” For what I originally called ‘The Cape Cod Invitational.’ The event has developed into more of a Carnival style event for CrossFitters. My hopes for this event are:

1. Do something really good for someone. The whole idea for this event is very simple. In July, Shanna told me that Nicole Brigg’s 7 year old daughter was just diagnosed with cancer. Having daughters the same age-I thought that was heartbreaking. I had only met Nicole a handful of times. Strangely, within a week of my finding out, I ran into her at Trader Joe’s. She was very positive but as the conversation went on I realized that the financial burden and time commitments were massive. I believe that the best way to live life is to do for other people what you would want done for you. I knew we had to help. By ‘we’ I mean CrossFit Cape Cod, and our extended CrossFit family. Rather than just feel sad for a heartbreaking situation-action was needed. Hence the effort to raise money for a family that needs it, by a community of strong people doing something that they love to do.

2. Have a lot of Fun. These ‘competitons’ are one big party. Good WOD’s, good friends, good food, good drink, and a good cause. Isn’t that kind of what life’s all about?

I hope you join us September 1st. Here is the venue for what is, I hope, a very successful, very powerful gesture, from a very strong community to a family in need.

‘The Main Event’
For Time:
3 Rounds Of
3 Squat Cleans
6 Front Squats
9 Back Squats
After The 3 Rounds Are Completed
1 Round of 21 Pull Ups and 15 Shoulder to Over Head.
Athletes will use 1 Barbell 135/95 For Rx’d or 95/65 For Scaled. There Will Be a 15 Minute Time Cap.
Prizes are as follows:
Rx’d Male and Female
1st Place: $200.00
2nd Place: $100.00
3rd Place: $50.00
All prizes are awarded in Reebok Gift Certificates.

Following ‘The Main Event,’ The ‘Side Shows’ will be set up. $100.00 will be awarded in Reebok gift certificates to the male and female winners in each event. You can participate in 1, none, or all of them. They are as follows.

Station 1: 2:00 Max Double Unders

Station 2: 2:00 Max Sit Ups

Station 3: Handstand Walk

Station 4: 1 Rep Max Snatch

Station 5: 2:00 Max Pull Ups

Station 6: 2:00 Max Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 Up and Over The Box

Station 7: Highest Score ‘Fish Game’ on the Rower.

There will be some food from subway, stop and shop and several local restaurants. There will be 400 servings of wine and Cape Cod Beer will be on hand!

The auction is full of awesome items from the greatest people and businesses on the Cape. There will be something for everybody! Please feel free to as questions and please sign up ahead of time so we can formulate the heats. [email protected] You can make your donation of $60.00 when you arrive at the event.

Again I want to make it clear that ALL of the proceeds from the ticket sales and the auction will go to the Brigg’s family. Bring your friends, bring your co-workers, bring the person you met in line at Starbucks! Lets do something awesome and lets have a ball doing it!

Thank you sincerely,
Mark, Sarah, Lilyanna, and Amelia

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  1. So disappointed I’m not going to be around for this. Really proud to be a part of such a great group though! Mark, I’m going to put a check in the mail – please add it to the proceeds that will go to Lexi’s family. Thanks for all you’re doing and allowing us to be a part of it.