CrossFit Cape Cod 7/18/14


CrossFit Cape Cod 7/18/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day


Clean and Jerk

Only 1 Week Left Until The Games Start!

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    1. No I said you’re not supposed to be able to talk cause you should be breathing too hard, everyone should smile freely a well as post to the blog and write times on the white board 😀

  1. 115# (PR or matched my PR, can’t remember…)

    125# (I am pretty sure that was a PR, as I haven’t done clean and Jerks in a long time…)

    my shoulder isn’t feeling hot so I didn’t push too crazy. I did use my new jump rope though! post wod

  2. 135# snatch / 165# clean and jerk (PR).

    Didn’t have much left in the tank this morning. I’m pretty beaten up from the beast of a week, but it was an awesome week. Great working with Bushy. A couple of rest days are in my future.

  3. snatch- I kept it light to work on impeccable form… we’ll keep it at that.
    clean & jerk – 95#.. 15# PR
    Worked half way up the rope after class- Thank you Mason & Shannah for the help!!

  4. 80# power snatch
    115# squat clean and jerk
    That squat clean was a burner. Still progressing on the jerk of getting a wide split and under the bar.
    Nice pr Allan!!