Crossfit Cape cod 6-22-16


Crossfit Cape cod 6-22-16

CrossFit Cape Cod – CrossFit

Bench Press (10-10-10)

12 min to establish a 10 rep max last 3 sets should be within 5-15 lbs of each other

Metcon (Weight)


Clean complex

1 hang squat clean with a 2 sec pause just above the knee on the way up

1 low hang squat clean just below the knee with a 2 sec pause before jump and shrug

building in weight to a heavy yet beatiful set.

Optional Work

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

ring push ups


ring push ups at the bottom extend one arm out to the side fully and hold for 2 sec then bring back in to complete push up and repeat with other arm.

***If this seems to easy wear a weighted vest