CrossFit Cape Cod


CrossFit Cape Cod


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

4 x 6 Minute Rounds

1 Minute Deadlift 225/155

1 Minute Burpees

Run 400m

Rest With The Remaining Time In The 6:00 When You Return From The Run

Advanced Training

Snatch Balance


Hang Snatch


Try To Keep Rests To Less Than 3:00

If you are early do this before you workout. It’s fine if you do it after you work out.

Have You Registered To Compete In The Masters Comp Or Signed Up To Volunteer?! August 15th Is Fast Approaching!!

9 Responses

  1. Kevin Medeiros

    Rx 2:04, 2:11, 2:24, 2:15 / 60 DL 39 Burpees
    Nice seeing Mason this morning
    Wrote the wrong number for DLs on the board.

  2. Sarah S

    40/56 rx didn’t keep track of the runs, slow anyways. Great to see so many people this morning.
    35 on snatch balance/50# squat snatch

  3. Justin Neviackas

    I am amazed at how much deadlifts mess up runnin b I forget my numbers it was like 70 something deadlifts and about the same Burpees. Tried the AT but was too hot and sweaty and tired to do it so bagged out.

  4. Allan Fleck

    82 DL / 76 burpees 423 seconds Not going to lie, I wanted to fake an injury on the third round!!
    AT. Worked from pvc pipe up to 205# on both real rough right after that!!