CrossFit Cape Cod 2/4/14


CrossFit Cape Cod 2/4/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Partner Row
5 Rounds
Row 1000m

Each Partner Rows 5 Rounds Of 1000m. One Works, The Other Rests. There are 3 main focuses during this WOD: 1. Correct posture and timing, and 2. Keeping a pace of less than 30 strokes per minute, and finally, 3. Consistency, each 1000m piece should be within 5-10sec. of each other.  

22 Responses

  1. Fun group at 6am! Congratulations to Amy Squeglia for getting a ‘Rowling’ score of 86! Can anyone beat that in warm up? The challenge has been laid down!

  2. Nice Tom!

    top score 3:29 low score 3:39

    Happy to see so many put trust in the program and show up on a single modality day! Hopefully the weather holds off and we can lift some weights tomorrow!