crossfit Cape Cod 2-29-16


crossfit Cape Cod 2-29-16

CrossFit Cape Cod – CrossFit


Everyones Favorite Girl!

Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#

Optional Work

Metcon (No Measure)

100 wall ball sit ups (butterfly style with ball above head)

100 wall ball twists

you choose the weight

not for time


Ok guys Time to focus on nutrition! These are the rules for the challenge.

Their will be a sign up at the desk think about what your goals are and please if you have any questions ask!

we can help you

Start: Monday, March 7th
Ends: Sunday, April 4th

Cost of Challenge and Prizes: 
– $30 Buy In
– winner gets a Prize 1 male, 1 female It will be worth it!
– Their will be a wrap up party the week after we finish up.

Submitting Scores Electronically through Wodify
– you are accountable to submit your scores at the end of each day via Wodify nutrition tracker and summit it to your nutrition coach. (we will explain later how to do this)
–weigh in to be completed before and after the challenge
– however we encourage weekly measurements for accountability
– before and after pics optional (but pretty cool)

Measurements optional
– Arms- widest point
– Stomach- above naval
– Waist- belt line
– Chest- MEN
– Thigh- WOMEN

Weekly Scoring and Reporting: 

Workout Scoring (90 points): 
– 15 points a day for each day you workout a week
– 90 points a week maximum
– That includes a mandatory rest day
– participants are encouraged to workout no more than 5-6 crossfit classes a week
– workouts are defined as most forms of psychical activity lasting longer than 20 mins
– spinning, yoga, other group classes, walking, rowing, hiking, and/or practicing a skill

Optional weekly floater work outs: (10 points) may effect over all winner?? (As always go effort is recommended with these )
– 10 points a week for doing your “floater work out”

Daily and Weekly Diet Scoring (105 points): 
– 15 points a day for a perfect diet
– 105 points a week maximum

Cheats (-140): 
– 5 points off for each cheat
– 20 points a day as a cap
– there will be no negative scores
– define cheats (anything non paleo- ish, not hitting macros or zone blocks, outside of whole 30) and/or alcohol

Total Points (230) and Bonus Points (10 points): 
– 265 points for maximum points in one week
– 35 additional bonus points for a perfect week (5 additional points a day)
– Maximum Total points in one week = 240 points
– Maximum Total points for the month = 960 points

Diet Rules/Categories 

Whole 30- 


If it fits your macros (flexibly dieting)-


– Weekly Drink exceptions (we advise no drinking)
– 1 glass of red wine allowed daily (6 oz pour only) These cannot be pooled for the weekend!!
– 2 Tequilas or Gluten Free Vodka (2 oz pour, Saturdays ONLY)


– Sweet Potato – YES
– coffee is allowed (black only) keep this to a minimum as caffeine produces cortisol.
– Sugar- NO
— Fish Oil- YES

–Pre work out and protein is ok as long as it fits within your dietary restrictions.

Ask any questions you may have in comments and we will do our best to answer them.