CrossFit Cape Cod 2-11-15


CrossFit Cape Cod 2-11-15


Workout Of The Day

“Focus Work”

12 Minute Clock

Choose 2 Movements

Movement 1 Odd Minutes, Movement 2 Even Minutes

Rest 3 Minutes

Choose 2 More Movements And Repeat.

If you are signed up for the nutrition challenge:

Benchmark WOD 2

AMRAP 15 Minutes

21 Cal Row

15 Thrusters 75/50

9 Pull Ups

Do this instead of the focus work.

Advanced Training


Focus Work

Max Muscle Ups For The First :30 seconds Rest :30

Max Handstand Push Ups :30 seconds Rest :30

2nd 12 Minutes

4 x Snatch @75% 1RM

Max Pistols :30 seconds Rest :30 seconds


For Time

Row 50 Calories

40 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

30 Thrusters 135/95

13 Responses

  1. pauls

    AMRAP: 3+15 (50#, blu)
    Still pretty tough getting back to this type of wod after vacation, even going to a gym 7 days a week and being very active. There is absolutely no substitute for an actual CrossFit class. It’s going to take a while to get back to a competitive speed in a met con type of workout like this, especially with running off the list for a while.

  2. Jonathan miles

    Sorry folks, my score is invalid. I did 15 calorie rows the whole time. I’ll try to repeat this correctly at a box in Cali tomorrow

  3. Kelly Cook

    Did the benchmark WOD even though I am technically not in the challenge. Got 3 rounds+21+15+2 with 50# thrusters and r/b bands for pull ups. See you all in a couple of weeks. I’m crossing the pond tomorrow, and I’ll be seriously missing C3!!

  4. Kevin Medeiros

    3 rounds + 8 cal (I think I wrote 4 on the board)
    Nutritional challenge is going surprisingly well so far. Sarah’s meals help make it easy for lunch choices.

  5. Allan

    A. Focus Work m.u 6-4/10-9 hspus , snatch 4x 165#, 12-14 pistols. These were brutal combinations!
    B. 9:43 Rx glad we are resting tomorrow !!!

  6. Mase

    A. Focus work: mu progression and hspus. Struggled with the mu’s but the hspus were better than last week. Focused on keeping those feet to the wall. 55#x4 snatch and 8 pistols. Legs were on fire.
    B. This was tough: used 75# thruster, 50 cal row (2:43), 40 c2b. Done.
    Thanks Allan for pushing me thru this part. 15:43
    Rest day and on to Vegas. Woohoo!