CrossFit Cape Cod 1/13/14


CrossFit Cape Cod 1/13/14

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

3 Rounds 
Max Reps 
Bodyweight Bench Press
Strict Pull Ups
Rest 2-3 Minutes Between Rounds

Followed By

3 Rounds For Time
Run 400
15 Burpees

31 Responses

  1. 65×8, 75×5, 75×5 and 6,7,7 strict pull-ups
    10:31 for the WOD

    I felt fine during the WOD but when I got home I felt like I ran into a brick wall…I think I’m fighting off whatever Sarah has. :(. Any good home remedies out there to kill a chest cold type thingy?

    90% nutrition Saturday (that devilish glass of wine was just calling for me)
    100% yesterday and today.

  2. Part A. 185# 11/10, 10/9, 8/7 I think?
    Mark great working with u on this you kept me pushing on.

    Part B , 7:58 rx Carl is a burpee mad man!!!!! He was steaming through that last round!!!

    100% yesterday and today. Hiding veggies in meatloaf is a great way to get the kids to eat them.

  3. 100% nutrition today

    12 @ 65#, 6pu’s (red band), 6 @ 75 (I think), 3 (purple band), 2 @ 80# 5 (red band)
    My daughter has that throat sickness and I think its coming upon me! I felt quite winded tonight! :0(

    70% Friday and Sat, had a terrible weekend and indulged in some wine. 100% yesterday.

    Big shout out to Lyda. She is unable to blog but has been 100% aside from two days of this challenge, its her first, and she was quite the skeptic of Paleo prior to her crossfit experience. Woohoo!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the push today Alan!
    185# 13/10, 8/8, 6/5
    9:58rx on the B. Part
    100% Today:)
    I noticed there have been some challengers omitting their daily %. Please be sure to stick with it to the final day! 🙂

    Great work today everybody! Lots of new faces at the box, make sure you give them a warm friendly welcome and introduce yourself. Maybe a word of encouragement at some point. Let’s show them what a great place they have discovered, and there is more to it than just being sore in muscles you didn’t know you had!

  5. Sorry to all the sick adults and kiddos…feel better!!!

    I had 95% for yesterday cuz I had to have 1/2 a slice of goat cheese (yes Bushy 95%…and I’m sticking to that!!!)

    Today was 100% and I wodded in Dartmouth. Jackie at just around 12 minutes RX (we went in heats and I can’t remember where the clock started) and I’m telling you all this just so I can say how much I dislike Jackie…and I do DISLIKE Jackie: 1000m row, 50 thruster 45/30, 30 pull ups for all who are interested in commiserating 🙂

  6. Part A: 10/10, 9/7, 8/6= 27/23 @175lbs I think, my totals are written down on the wall somewhere I gotta double check them tomorrow.

    Part B: 9:16 and I’m pretty sure that I threw in an extra burpee cause I thought I might have missed one. Felt sluggish on the runs gotta step it up!

  7. 100% today.

    5% for 1/2 slice of goat cheese – i can live with that.

    trying to keep it tight over the next few days. this weekend i’ll be -100 each day…

  8. 75% today. Was on the run all day and didn’t have time to pack a lunch. So needless to say, when I ate tonight, I indulged. Back at it tomorrow! Fun 6 am class! Great job Andrea in those pullups!