Crossfit Cape Cod 10-25-17


Crossfit Cape Cod 10-25-17

CrossFit Cape Cod


Metcon (Time)

for time complete

50 wall balls 20#/14#


start with and EMOM

complete 2 squat cleans


Rx plus 225/155



Hey everyone!  We are starting a new Barbell Club session this week on Wednesday  and Friday at 5:30pm, please come in and join us. This will be limited to a max of around 10 people. This will consist primarily on training the olympic lifts with accessory work to strenghten movements such as; pulls, squatting and over head strength. We will adapt this class with mild changes per athlete based off of individual needs, goals and volume of training. Work outs will be posted in advance and athletes are expected to preform 1 session a week on their own, for a total of 3 weight lifting sessions per week. Please always double check with the coach at that time and make sure you are out of the way of the regularly scheduled Crossfit class while preforming any additional work. Please let us know if you have any questions below. Happy Lifting!