Couple of the Month- Mike and Paula Leary


Couple of the Month- Mike and Paula Leary

Congratulations to our Couple of the Month- Mike and Paula Leary
1. Who started Crossfit first?  And how did you get interested in it?
Michael started CF in January of 2012 to get ready for his first Tough Mudder and immediately was hooked.  I only agreed to try CF after growing tired of hearing about Michael’s clean, snatch, OH Squat and every other CF movement he had done that day at the gym.  I then realized it was a sport he loved and I should try it out as he had always encouraged me to.   CF is now something we enjoy together.
2. What were your thoughts after your first wod?

Mike- I’m so sore!  What did I get myself into?

Paula — If I don’t sign up now, I never will.
3. What do you enjoy most about Crossfit?

Mike- The friendships I have made and the community I work out with!

Paula — I love that C F has such a diverse group of members from all walks of life. CF is tailored to each of our abilities, fitness levels, age and goals.
4. What has been your proudest moment in crossfit?

Mike- My proudest CF moment was when I learned how to do sit ups without flailing my legs all over the place.

Paula — My proudest CF moment was learning how to do push ups (which are soo hard) and a pull up.
5.  What are your goals for the year?

Mike- My goal for the next year is to not get hurt.

Paula — my goal for the next year is to show up do what I can and enjoy my time at the gym and not compare my workout with anyone else’s and maybe string together 2 pull ups.
6. Most couples go to the gym at different times.  Do you like working out together?  Advantages/disadvantages?

Mike- I like working out at the same time with Paula as it gives us a chance to do something together.

Paula– I like working out at the same time as Michael as he drives me to the gym!!!  Michael is also my biggest supporter and some days it is really nice to have that during a workout
7. Freewrite- We love CF and Crossfit Cape Cod.  Thank you for making us feel welcome and part of your community!

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