“Core Strength and Conditioning”


“Core Strength and Conditioning”

Just what is a “core strength and conditioning” program?
“CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program in two distinct senses. First, we are a core strength and conditioning program in the sense that the fitness we develop is foundational to all other athletic needs. This is the same sense in which the university courses required of a particular major are called the “core curriculum”. This is the stuff that everyone needs. Second, we are a “core” strength and conditioning program in the literal sense meaning the center of something. Much of our work focuses on the major functional axis of the human body, the extension and flexion, of the hips and extension, flexion, and rotation of the torso or trunk. The primacy of core strength and conditioning in this sense is supported by the simple observation that powerful hip extension alone is necessary and
nearly sufficient for elite athletic performance. That is, our experience has been that no one without the capacity for powerful hip extension enjoys great athletic prowess and nearly everyone we’ve met with that capacity was a great athlete. Running, jumping, punching and throwing all originate at the core. At CrossFit we endeavor to develop our athletes from the inside out, from core to extremity, which is by the way how good functional movements recruit muscle, from the core to the extremities. “
-Coach Glassman “What is Fitness”


Run or Row 400m 4 Rounds
Rest as needed between each round.

Followed by…
Work on at least one of your December goals.

I’d like to thank Tim and Nicole-It is a total pleasure to have you both at C3. Tim had an outstanding 3:59 Diane at the 5:00! Nice work Tim.
Tim has brought us additional equipment-top quality training, and now he’s brought us Jonesy (Kurt Jones). Jonesy is a Firefighter at the base and he loves CrossFit. Welcome to the Family Jonesy.

6am and 7am Classes are cancelled for Thursday

2 Responses

  1. Tim and I feel fortunate to be a part of the C3 family. The atmosphere you have created is comfortable for all, fun, and definitely challenging. Positive attitudes abound from the minute we walked through the door; you won’t know if you can do it until you try, and try, and try again!

    The fact that CrossFit is constantly varied means that I continually have goals to be working toward. Shaving minutes of the WODs, adding weight to meet the prescribed WOD, or performing an exercise that I once thought was impossible are just a few things that I keep in mind as I compete against my current abilities and strive for increased fitness.

    Thanks for continually offering challenging WODs, quality instruction, and the support and encouragement that are necessary for my success!

    Many thanks to the whole C3 family! Together we make an invincible team!

  2. Thank you Nicole. I am so glad that you guys found us. It is such a pleasure to watch the progress. Thanks for all the contributions You and Tim are making that help shape C3 into a place we love and can go to to build elite fitness!
    Mark and Sarah-Team Invincible!