Congratulations Mike and Merry!!!


Congratulations Mike and Merry!!!

Mike McGuire ties the knot tomorrow!

Last night I Drank Tequila, ate Fried food and killed some fudge and candy filled ice cream! Today I attended the CrossFit Nutrition Certification…Last night was not the last time that I will eat that way-learn more at our up coming recap! We will announce the day and time soon-make sure that you attend and bring anyone and everyone-from your neighbor to strangers at the grocery store!

There will be links and gobs of info from Robb Wolf-the man when it comes to all things nutrition! Check out his blog at

I know we have been hitting met-cons really hard. Well hopefully you can bear with me. I put a great deal of thought into the programming and have overarching goals in mind. Stick with me and you will become fitter! (as a side note this week won’t have so many met-cons)

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  1. Hi Everybody! We had a great time at the nutrition Certification. My head is ready to explode from all the information I am still processing, but I can’t wait to start a new healthier way of life. I have already convinced my mother in law to change her eating habits, and I am confident that 1 month of transforming her diet will solve her health problems. My parents get the lecture tomorrow and everyone else we love (all of you) are going to hear all about it. See everyone Monday!!!