Congrats Team! Next Up 5k on Oct. 31st!


Congrats Team! Next Up 5k on Oct. 31st!

Everyone Pre-Race-Thank you very much to Katie (Chris’s girlfriend) for taking so many great pictures!

Post race where did Robb go?

Robb Sykes -The Man- The Myth- The Legend! Robb placed 1st in his age group with a time of 47:27 (7 min 39 sec avg. mile) Robb clearly enjoyed himself chatting it up the whole way and even running back to run with Sarah and Nicole to the finish a second time! Here he is celebrating in the ‘Beir Garten.’

Pat Leary finished 13th with a blazing 47:08 at a 7:36 pace! Chris Newell finished just behind Robb and Pat with a very respectable 47:34 a 7:40 pace. Myself and Greg finished with in 51:31 and 51:56 Placing 39th and 40th at 8:18 and 8:22 paces. Amy S. felt great and finished 47th with a time of 53:21-an 8:36 pace! Mike McGrail clocked a 58:43 averaging 9:27 per mile and earning him 75th place. Nicole and Sarah, surprise, surprise finished within 1 second of each other! They placed 86th and 87th with times of 1:01:21 and 1:01:22-a pace of 9:53 per mile.

If I am not mistaken everyone had a PR on what turned out to be a very hilly 6.2mi. course. The longest we had run in Endurance training was 1 mile. Usually we hit 400m runs during a WOD and the longest I can remember in the last few months was the 800m run in the middle of Daniel. That is what CrossFit is all about-maintaining capacity for short and heavy or longer endurance efforts-in other words possessing real fitness. I am thoroughly impressed with the performances of everyone today-it’s no fluke that everybody did so well. These stories are common at CrossFit boxes Nation wide. CrossFit works.

Chris Newell- I have never seen that stride before?!

Shredded! Lisa was so proud!

Don’t feel bad Mike the guy in front of you looks like he’s in a lot of pain!

Robb pacing Nicole and Sarah

A heel striker and a poser!


5 Responses

  1. What a great day!

    Sarah-We made a good team, would have been a lot slower without you.

    Robb-Thanks so much for coming back and running the home stretch with Sarah and I. I think that your support was just what we needed in the end!

    Mark-Thanks for encouraging all of us to run the 10K!!!

  2. Very jealous I couldn’t be there to run the race with everyone. Everyone’s times are amazing!!! Congrats all around, and especially to Rob!

  3. Congrats everyone!!! Great pictures! Wish I could’ve been there – looks like it was a fun day. See you later on in the week. First place in your age group – way to go, Robb!!