Commitment to Evidence Based Fitness


Commitment to Evidence Based Fitness

” What we’ve discovered is that CrossFit increases work capacity across broad time and modal domains. This is a discovery of great import and has come to motivate our programming and refocus our efforts. This far-reaching increase in work capacity
supports our initially stated aims of building a broad, general, and inclusive fitness program. It also explains the wide variety of sport demands met by CrossFit as evidenced by our deep penetration among diverse sports and endeavors. We’ve come to see increased work capacity as the holy grail of performance improvement and all other common metrics like VO 2 max, lactate threshold, body composition, and even strength and flexibility as being correlates—derivatives, even. We’d not trade improvements in any other fitness metric for a decrease in work capacity. “
-Coach Glassman

Ok, so Coach uses big words. Increased work capacity is simply being able to do more in less time. For example if you have a 14min Fran-getting it down to 8 min the next time is a result of increased work capacity. You did the same amount of work, but it was a whole 6 min faster! That’s what its all about at Crossfit (assuming we are using full range of motion with proper technique) When we increase our fitness in this way the way we look takes care of itself. It may be a new way of looking at your workouts. But its by far proven to be the best approach for forging fitness.





Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push Ups

This one will definitely call for scaling and modification-that’s fine! Let’s make the adjustments and perform at high levels of relative intensity.

This jaw dropping performance is Brett Marshall aka “AFT” a fire fighter from Canada who placed 2nd in the CF games in 07 and I think 9th in 08

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  1. Hey Mark and Sarah!
    I was hwondering if mark, you could text me the modified version of the work out each day?- I know Im a Pain! but this would really help. I’ll post my results when i can 🙂 Prob on fridays – Angie –
    P.s- is my sweater here?:)