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Have to salute Drew for all the hard work he has put in, the intensity he brings to every WOD and his determination,passion and dedication. This was Drew after “Man Over Board” his first week at CrossFit. Drew and CrossFit Cape Cod have come a long way together.

Congratulations to Mike McGuire and Meri Lombardi on their recen engagement! She is getting a real stud.




AMRAP 20 Minutes

Max Reps Pull Ups

Score Rounds and #of Pull Ups

It’s a faster way to get from full extension to chin over the bar.

The Gymnastic Kip

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  1. Drew, you said you don’t see a change in your midsection. Look at that picture!! Major change!
    Great work, I love looking forward to working out you and Jane.

  2. Thanks, Liz. I love feedeing off your energy and excitement. I’ve gotta say though my progress in looking at that picture is that at that moment i was desperately trying not to hurl and could not move… now after workouts i only mildly want to hurl and can barely move…progress!

  3. Nicole and Sarah,
    Thanks for a great workout tonight; awesome warm up, too. I’m really proud of both of you. You’re going to make awesome coaches.

    It was a fun night and the reward afterwards made the suffering worth-while. Great brownies Drew, I think you started a new tradition.

    Thanks to everyone for cheering us on.
    See ya’all in a week.