Big Jerks Are Welcomed, Even Encouraged


Big Jerks Are Welcomed, Even Encouraged

I can’t believe that most of you have achieved some really ambitious goals and it’s only the 17th! Congratulations to the girls who got their 10 legit push-ups, Jessie got her first pull-up this morning and the other girls are so close. So many of you showed up with little to no pull-ups or push ups or endurance etc. and the increase in strength is amazing. It hasn’t come without effort- but hasn’t it been fun? These are huge milestones and I am looking forward to seeing what people achieve in coming months. Things like the muscle-up, handstand push-ups, even multiple pull-ups-often seem to the average beginner like something that naturally gifted individuals can do, but not them. With CrossFit, however, before long this type of athleticism and fitness are part of the natural progression that is experienced by many “average” people. CrossFit eliminates our weaknesses and we develop these physical skills rather rapidly. Also worth mentioning is the mental toughness that occurs when we realize what we actually have the potential to accomplish. It is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated, and those of us who’ve experienced it wouldn’t trade it for any other way of “fitness.” Again congratulations to all of you who are in the process of or have already achieved your goals. There are 14 more days left.



“Freddy’s Revenge”

5 Rounds for time

5 Push-Jerks (the rx’d weight is 185/135 but I anticipate that we will all naturally scale to strength)
10 Burpees

Push Jerk-pay close attention because the technique is critical

You may have to watch this several times but this illustrates the difference between the press, push press, and push jerk-similar movements- can you spot the differences?

Good news that photo contest for the new rower that we are going to win now has a February deadline. The number of entries appears to be limitless so let us know if you have an idea.

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  1. I encourage evryone to go to the link to the CrossFit journal on and watch the video of Coach Glassman lecture. This one really puts things in perspective.

  2. Thanks Liz! Double Unders have defeated me in the past so it felt great to get in the rhythm and pump out a few. Calves were a little sore walking down the stairs this morning. Could it be the 230 box jumps, or maybe the 580 single unders? One may never know!

    Ethan and Mackenzie’s perseverance is amazing, I think that they are future CrossFit games competitors!!! Keep up the hard work guys!

    Thanks for the varied workouts Mark!