ACTIVE RECOVERY!!! Tonight at 6:30!!!


ACTIVE RECOVERY!!! Tonight at 6:30!!!

Why active recovery? Because Amy S. is a flexable ninja and you want to be just like her!

If you have red spots under your eyes from the wall climbs that’s actually normal and it will go away pretty quickly.

Warm Up/A. Part
3 Rounds
Run 200
12 Burpees
12 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1

WOD/B. Part
AMRAP 5 Minutes
3 Deadlifts
7 Dumbell Push Presses (No Dropping The Dumbells)

Thank you all again for the great comments about CrossFit and intimidation-I was talking to someone that works next to CrossFit Cape Cod today and she said-“How do you get accepted to that school? There must be some sort of selection process, everyone over there is so fit!” My reply was “That is our goal-they didn’t start out so fit, we actually like helping the people who need it the most and we accept all levels.”
As I think about it later I’m drawing the conclusion that we can’t help but be intimidating-fine let’s be so fit and exercise so intensely that we look like some kind of an ‘academy for the extremely fit.’ If that lady wanted to be fit herself she should march right over and sign up -weather she’s scared or not- wanting to be just as fit as the people she sees at CrossFit Cape Cod. Obviously whatever we are doing we are doing something right! Intimidated or not that is an excuse-NOT a reason to deprive yourself of being strong and capable.

4 Responses

  1. Um Mark, “red spots around the eyes” does not do my current state of red speckily freakishness justice. In my current state, which is covered on my entire face and neck with the worst around the eyes (which are pretty much one big purple dot), I am sure to scare little children. Does anyone have any tips on how to regain my human form, short of extreme amounts of concealer and a spatula?

  2. Mark, the story I heard was that the woman confronted you and put you in a submission hold until you gave her your lunch money. I guess there are two sides to every story.

    On another honest note, I know someone that is intimidated by crossfit because many of the workouts and routines remind her of gym class. She has no fond memories of gym class. In this case it’s childhood baggage that she’s carrying. I don’t have the baggage, just the handles :^)

  3. Anthony

    Dear Crossfit, my primary training for special forces selection was Crossfit cape cod. I successfully made it and got selected. 289 guys started and only 102 made it. I wanted to thank C3 for kicking my ass the last three months. I wiill be back June 1 to get back on the program.
    Thanks again