May Athlete of the Month-Erin Meagher


May Athlete of the Month-Erin Meagher

Q: How long have you been doing Crossfit?

Erin: I have been doing Crossfit for almost 6 years now!  After the birth of my second child my friend Kristin had just started-IMG_1984

she told me it was unlike anything we had ever tried.  I gave it a shot and have been hooked ever since!!

Q: You’ve been coming for a long time, what keeps you motivated and coming back?

Erin: What keeps me coming back is the obvious, the friends that have become like family and how I feel when I DON’T come!  It’s my therapy!

Q: Favorite Crossfit movement and why?

Erin: My favorite movement is the clean and jerk.  I love figuring out different ways to improve it and it just makes me feel strong!

Q: Least favorite Crossfit movement and why?

Erin: Running.  Because this body was meant to lift weights! Not run 🙂  It just destroys me for some reason.  I literally have ZERO athletic background before Crossfit.

I think that’s where that really shows.IMG_1983

Q: What’s your favorite type of workout?

Erin: Anything with heavy weights and low reps 🙂  DT and The Chief are my two faves.

Q: What has been your favorite Crossfit moment thus far?

Erin: Most most memorable moment would be a couple years in when I got my first rope climb and also my experiences in some local competitions-so far out of my comfort zone.