The WOD today was as evil as we suspected, but nice work finishing it. WODs like this being done Rx’d or close to it are amazing evidence of the progress everyone is seeing. I want to reemphasize the point that scaling and modifications are a huge part of CrossFit. If you are giving your best effort don’t worry that the workout needed to be scaled. The CrossFit.com WODs we are doing this month are for elite athletes. It’s better to use weights and reps you can safely handle at high intensity than to be sidelined with an injury. However, if I see you over-modifying I may diagnose heavy doses of burpees as the cure so it goes both ways.

There are no morning classes tomorrow. We will hold 4pm and 5pm.

WOD Thursday

5 Rounds-Rest As Needed Between Rounds

May Reps Bench Press (Body Weight)
Max Reps Pull-Ups

Modifications are less weight in the Bench than BW and bands with the Pull-ups
Or Make Up a Missed Workout From Earlier In The Week

Here’s The Best Lynne Demo Out There

3 Responses

  1. Hey! It’s Angelica from Nantucket. Hope I’m doing this right.Mark I did the workout in 25 min on the 25th- it was the 3 rounds of 20 push ups and shoulder press. And I did the workout yesterday in 30 min- I don’t know how Sarah did it in 25 min

  2. Angelica. I am so proud of you! Can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow. Tell James and Joanna I want to start hearing about their Crossfit Workouts also. Looking forward to hearing from you Friday! Sarah