Have you reached all of your December goals? Are you ready for the Zone challenge in January? Have you contemplated what goals you will set for January? We will test the goals and discuss the new ones, Wednesday Dec.31. That week we will also have a discussion featuring Tim’s review of the book- ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ & we will review Zone Basics. Everyone wishing to participate will receive a block prescription and other resources and details that will make it a no brainier.
I am planning on having a 4pm on the 25th. If you would like a morning class please let me know.



5 Rounds For Time

40 Double Unders
30 Kettle Bell Swings 1pood 1/2pood
20 Knees To Elbows

Knees To Elbows

Kettle Bell Swings

Double Unders