Thank You to everyone who came out tonight to New Tokyo for dinner that was a great time. Fun day of workouts and good food. Nice work to all who did the WOD- I saw some great intensity. Congratulations to Tim for getting a 4:04 Fran! We are proud of you Tim!



60 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
60 Ring Dips

For Time

2 Responses

  1. you’d think that mark being in such a great mood from dinner might have been nice today… but you’d be wrong. Evil Sensei must have gotten inspired at New Toyko.60/60???? BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!!!!!

  2. This is the nice version-mwahhhhaahhh!

    If any of you are braving the elements to come at 4 or 5 drive carefully. If you need to call me its 508-228-2352.