Good Times Tonight! I hope it was entertaining for everybody to see Tim and I go through Husband Killer…It was just a couple of dudes doing what they love to do. Good work Sarah and Nicole giving us an interesting challenge. As coach says, “You fail at the margins of your experience” thanks for the experience it was tough holding onto the bar! That one will come up again I assure you…

These first few we managed to smile through the tortuous warm-up

The Ladies

Steely confidence

After math- not so steely

Thank you Drew for taking pictures- I will post more soon.



Tabata Mash-Up

SDLHP 75/50
Push Ups

20 seconds work-10 seconds rotate to the next exercise/rest. 8 Rounds per exercise. Score Calories on rower.

It’s really not as complicated as the mainstream media would have you believe.

“A magazine cannot generate a lot of revenue by
calling for brutally intense work on well known, easily done basic movements, not month after month, so they scratch and search for “breakthroughs”, selling the lifting public on the idea that there will always be a better way to become bigger and stronger.”
Dr. Ken Leistner

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  1. I just posted under yesterdays comments. To paraphrase it said “thanks, good Nicole & Sarah, proud, fun, next week”

    caint typpe no mo’ handes cramppying, 4arms loking up a#gain most goo now

  2. Great pictures Drew, and the brownies were delicious. I’m just realizing that I had a brownie and m&m’s for dinner! How unZonelike:)

    Liz-sorry I missed your gathering:( Next time…

    Tim and Mark, what can I say, you guys were awesome! Can’t wait until next time…

  3. Really guys. Any time you need abuse you know who to ask. The best part was tormenting Mark for the last month. I am glad it was a good workout. Every athlete needs to be pushed to there limit every now and then. Tim… Im glad it was a good warmup. Coming from the insane warmup nazi, that is a compliment!

  4. Mark Here-

    That was a fun time-Creative programming girls. I liked the warm up too. Next time I’m going for 50+ Mark my words.
    Phoebe you are pretty sparky in the evenings-I’m glad I get you when you are a groggy lump of clay in the a.m.!
    Thanks everybody for showing up and having fun we have to do that more often-we have a great community going.
    See you in a week Tim have fun in NH. We are probably doing Eva soon if you want to send in a score for that one.
    The brownies beer and m&ms were an interesting post WOD mix-not sure I should have done the handstands.

  5. Nicole. Great job! Your pushups were awesome.

    Jane. You inspire me with your determination. Doing your own workouts takes mental strength. You are going to have the strongest upper body at C3. Oh wait… you already do!

    To everyone at the 1;00 and 4;00. Sorry I messed up the workout. Thank you for your patience. But, Good news is… you got a killer workout.

    See you all tomorrow!

  6. Sarah-When I was journaling the workout, I noticed that you wrote down nine rounds of push ups, so I took the lowest number of reps and subtracted it from my total:) You add to my score and I miss two of yours. REALLY, that was not on purpose:) PS-stop hiding my journal. Hee, hee!

    See you soon…

  7. Thanks for a great evening guys1 I love the pictures! I feel like I’ve known you guys for years! Mark-I would love a rematch on the handstand…I had an extra beer in me and wasn’t warmed up! I can’t believe you made it to C3 before me this morning!!! (thanks Sarah!) Can’t wait to work out with you all this weekend! 🙂