It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
– Walt Disney

Nice work today everyone. Props go out to Nicole for showing up this morning and running alone in the cold. Jane-21 unassisted pull-ups! You are awesome! In just a few months, Adam, has worked up to WODS with 150 pull ups like Eva today. Of course, Adam, has a very athletic background but when he came to us he was mostly a jogger. Adam, your hard work combined with the intensity you display is getting some amazing results!

If anyone wants to come by for a WOD tomorrow I will be there at 2:30. I’m leaving at 3:30 for Boston. Feel free to come by for some skill work, a WOD you missed last week or I will be doing a couple of heavy lifts and taking another crack at Karen-150 wall balls for time.

The fare during the “Husband Killer” WOD- Lets do that again but with Zone food (and hard liquor)

Matty getting full ROM on “Nicole” This guy is a Beast in the making!

Jane chooses to fight on with WODs that work around her shin splints until they are gone. Jane is CrossFit.

I am proud that the kids are part of the community.

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