Call a Doctor! Jeff has a temperature of 98.6 and he’s not dripping puddles of sweat!?

Sydney,Hunter and Phoebe Locking out Handstands-(Sorry I Missed Yours Jeff-I would have loved to get a shot of that rouge man nipple.)

Tim got the pat on the back that he deserved after getting a Pr of 190lbs on his press and then scoring over 90 on both ends of today’s WOD. Awesome work Tim!

Phoebe adding reps to each set. Great Technique! What a student!

It is always entertaining when Matty and Chad go head to head.

Liz and Drew Pull Up Pr’s on the Deadlift! Matty, Just practicing with 2 thousand pounds. Pr’s are never really done under perfect form because you are at your limit. Like Coach says “You drive a race car top speed and you’re going to scrape the wall.”




Team Workout

Please come if you are going to workout or not there will be some way you can pitch in and enjoy the fun. The 6 components of the WOD are written on the board and we will go over them when the teams have been selected. I am sure that this will be a lot of fun!

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