Here is the e-mail I got from the event coordinator at the “New England Throwdown” I am sure that it will be fun. Please post to the comments if you are interested in going as a group this Saturday-all events are scalable.

I have gotten a good response for the throwdown, so this should be a great event.

Here are some more details you can pass on to your athletes.

I have created 45 workouts which will be thrown into a hopper.
We will pick 3 of these wods the morning of the event.

Event 1: Lighter/bodyweight-ish metcon…like a shorter “Nicole”
Event 2: Heavier metcon…like “Games Grace”
Event 3: Combo of the above 2…like “Elizabeth”

There will be a 12 minute cap on each event.

Each event will be scored as follows:
1st place = 100pts
2nd place = 95 pts
3rd place = 90 pts
4th = 89 pts
5th = 88 pts
6th = 87 and so on…

$10 Entry Fee. No pre-registration needed, but I’d love to know how many you’ll be sending. Top Male and Female get cash.

We are still planning on starting at 1:00, but this could be earlier (11 or 12) if the response is big.


Also remember to plan for the “80’s Party To Remember” The warm-up and WOD have been selected. Please make sure that you have all of your journals and log books so that we can rehash some memories/accomplishments. Please let me know if you plan on bringing a guest.



CrossFit Total

1 Rep Max Back Squat
1 Rep Max Press
1 Rep Max Deadlift

Welcome to our newest member David-a natural CrossFitter! Welcome to the Family David!

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  1. Just for a little clarification…. the competition in Natick is a week from Saturday. The eighties workout is this Sunday.
    David, welcome to CrossFit. It was nice to meet you today.

  2. Welcome David, let the journey begin:)

    Thank you Jane and Drew for the information about the shoe inserts. I’ll be running like the wind in no time at all… Okay, maybe not like the wind, but with a little practice faster than I am now:)

    Cheers all around for everyone who rowed yesterday!!!

  3. David, welcome. I look forward to your competition (friendly, of course).

    Mark, I got the time off of work to go to the New England competition with ya’all.

    CrossFit Total today! Cant’ wait to lift some heave s**ff! Adrenaline’s pumpin’ all ready…(yes, I know there’s something wrong with me). I’m gonna get all hopped up on caffeine and head out in an hour…