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Karen sure can be a difficult girl. Everyone Pr’d. Where were the ladies to take on Karen today?


WOD 3:00pm

Make up a workout that you missed or…

Tabata Mash Up
Push Ups
Back Extensions
Sit Ups

The 80’s party starts at 4:00pm

CrossFit Mama had a partner for the 400m run today-Awesome work Danielle-you are doing great! Any time you need me to hold Henry I look forward to the workout-No wonder you are so strong!

Crossfit Commercial from Steve Yoak on Vimeo.

5 Responses

  1. Are we supposed to do the 3 o’clock WOD in our 80″s outfits? I’m not sure I can. The waist on my tapered leg jeans is so high, I might cut myself in half bending over.

  2. Hey I can’t wait for the 80″s party! Sarah you better bring out your car moves. We should work out to 80″s music with attitude. I’m thinking highway to the danger zone by Kenny Loggins or basically anything from Top Gun.
    Mark, Henry said he would love it if you would hold him so his Mommy can work out.

  3. Mark-I can click on the logo link, but I can’t do the survey…so much fun tonight! Can’t wait to see the pics! I have a video of Mark and Tim doing the WOD! It’s HYSTERICAL!! Soooooooooo fun! Good food, great friends, fun times! xo