We had an awesome time doing Murph today! Congratulations to every one of the athletes that participated! We had some local athletes from Sandwich High School stop by-they were a great group of guys and I will have some pictures and a recap from the day in a follow up post.


If you didn’t get to do Murph Friday do it today! If you did Murph rest or make up a missed WOD. Also you are more than welcome to come cheer on the 1 o’clock class and just soak in the great atmosphere and community!

Again amazing work today to all of the participating athletes!

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  1. I feel like i got in a fight yesterday with an angry irish guy from the military, oh wait…. i did. I hurt, but i’m functional. That make me very happy and proud. Thanks for all the help everybody, especially Jon for running with me the last two legs. It was fun having all the SHS guys there too, they brought some great energy. Let’s do it again!!! – (in six months)