Tim after Full Murph with his Firefighter gear (Boots Pants with Suspenders and Jacket!) Time 59:50! Way to go Tim, we are all proud of you and honored to have you as part of the C3 family.

Pushing through the 200 push ups!

Chris, (doing the pull up in this picture and on the far left in the group picture) came for the Baseline but couldn’t resist the challenge of Murph-he didn’t let anything stop him and showed tremendous determination. He completed the entire workout and earned a lot of respect. Welcome Chris-cant wait to see what you can do after several months of CrossFit!

The Crew From Sandwich High School and Mr. Sykes-Nice guys and all strong athletes!

Upwards of 90% of our athletes ended up doing Murph and all of the feedback was awesome! That was definitely a great and memorable time at C3. When will we see Murph again? Time will tell-for now tell us what you thought in the Comments



Work up to a 1 Rep Max Squat Clean and Jerk followed by…

Double Unders
Sit Ups

CrossFit L.A. Annie

Speal a favorite for this years games who can also do 96 consecutive pull ups does Annie.

3 Responses

  1. It was really amazing watching everyone push themselves to complete Murph, nice job everyone! This will truly make you stronger!

  2. Cant wait til you are back in the mix Jane-I’m sure you are even more eager about it.

    Just a note that I will be re-announcing there will not be any classes this weekend because all the trainers will be in Boston for the o-lifting seminar. Don’t worry though we will make it up to you with lots of o-lifting in future programming.

  3. Thanks Mark, I really can’t wait! Is it kind of sick that I’m actually looking forward to doing Murph? Well, maybe not Murph…, but running anyway!