Thank You Tim and Nicole For The Awesome Gift-Our New Bar Holder! Love You Guys!
Everyone Did an Amazing Job Today! I thought it would give people more of a run for their money but you guys are to strong!



1000m Row
100 Steps Walking Lunge
75 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Fresh of the Press. This is footage of a competitor from the southwest regions qualifier where one of the WODs was simply 50 Chest to bar pull ups and 50 Burpees. Dutch took 1st place over all and blew everyone away with with just over 3 min on this one earning himself a spot at the CrossFit Games in July.

7 Responses

  1. Awesome Job Dutch! Congratulations . We know you will do awesome at the games!

    Thanks again Tim and Nicole. That was such a generous gift! We will all benefit from it! You guys are the best!

  2. Mark-it was fun having you do the workout too this morning! I liked being on the opposite side of the workout! I love the new bar holder-thanks Tim and Nicole!

  3. did annie in the hotel parking lot after work tonight. something tells me the asphalt is going to leave a mark on the backside.