The new crew from Sandwich High are a cool bunch of guys. They all have been great to work with and are showing tons of promise. Tom, pictured below, stopped to go outside where he had a right of passage meeting with “Pukie”, gave me the thumbs up and then came in and finished the workout. I just met him today but I have to admit I was really proud and impressed by the guy.



Tabata Mash Up

KB Swings 1.5/1
Box Jumps Medium Box

3 Responses

  1. It was great to see Collin, Mo and Robb at the box again yesterday. I asked Collin if he was hooked yet…he smiled that koolaid grin and said “It’s all I think about.” We understand Collin, we really do.

    Welcome Tom, no shame in meeting “Pukie” he comes to visit now and then. Just remember, always meet with Pukie outside. Hope to see you again.

  2. If anyone doesn’t meet “Pukie” outside you have to answer to me. Yes, that is a threat and a promise.

    Welcome Mike and Chris who are official C3 Members!
    Tom, we hope to see you again.

    Congrats to Collin and Moe who have a dad that is cool enough to do CrossFit with you.

    I think I see future CrossFit games Champions.