Fran never disappoints when she’s around for the day and this go round was no exception. Nice work to everyone who went up against her and a special nod to Collin who did this one for the first time today and had stellar thrusters!



Make up a missed workout and/or practice a lift or skills. Feel free to just cheer on the group that does Fran.

Here is Tim and I battling Fran from Today. Tim decided he wants to redo this asap because he wasn’t happy with the mental error that kept him just below lockout at the top of the thrusters-Gotta respect the guy! Can’t wait to see the next performance-I think it will be even faster.

Put on your thinking caps because I am going to pose a question that I would like you to give your most honest answer to.
“What if anything can others do to motivate you when you are in the middle of a workout?”
When you’ve thought about it let us know in the comments either today or Sunday.

6 Responses

  1. I will start it off. I like when people yell at me as long as it is 1.simple 2.positive and 3.accurate. I have noticed in almost everyone, especially when someone is resting to long, like walking in a run- that just yelling encouragement gets them going again.
    What works for you or what have you seen work?

  2. Mark, I have to agree with you. When someone is yelling encouragement it’s very helpful. Also, if I am resting too long, sometimes giving me a countdown to restart, 3-2-1-go helps get me motivated again.

  3. CHALK! made me laugh so hard, I wanted to help you out…
    I love it when I’m resting and people get me restarted with the 3-2-1 as well.
    great job guys.

  4. I like lots of loud yelling. The more voices I hear the more pumped up I get.

    Short and loud works best for me. Just a few words like “don’t stop” yelled really loud will sink in.

    It doesn’t have to be just yelling for/to me. Hearing people motivate someone else also makes me want to keep going because I know how hard somebody else is working.