Open Gym Skills and Drills Or Make Up a Missed WOD

Again- what works or doesn’t work to when people are trying to motivate you during your workout? Post thoughts to comments.

Let’s give Jeff some props! The guy has worked hard week in and week out, he’s seen tons of progress and continues to meet the goals that he works hard at. Here is his latest triumph.

Take 2…

3rd Times a Charm?

Ready for Nasty Girls!!!

Keep up the great work Jeff! We’re proud of you!

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  1. I am going to make a special note in my next post but here is a early heads up- The morning class will only be available if there are people that sign up for it. Each week people will have to sign up for the days that they will be attending the morning calss by letting me know by 3pm the day before at the absolute latest. If there is no one signed up by 3pm the day before the 6:30am class is considered cancelled and I will not be there. So if you want to be at a morning class in the future let me know ahead of time. This goes into effect for the Tuesday morning 6:30am class.