30 Reps Full Clean and Jerk
There is no Rx’d weight-Pick a weight that you can do in less than 10 Minutes with your best effort. If you want to see what it was like to do the last WOD of the 08 CrossFit Games do 155/100. If you’d like to compare your Grace time with Clean VS Power Clean use your grace weight. Just Focus on Good Form and High Intensity.

One of the premier CrossFit Boxes in the country is in San Diego- CrossFit INVICTUS (Latin For Invincible) Check out their site. They have a half Dozen or more Level 2 Coaches who know their CrossFit. I borrowed these points that I thought would help us. There were almost a dozen different things that they expected out of their members that would keep the classes in flowing so that they would bee fun and of course get the members fitter. Here are a few that would be very easy and nice if we tried to implement them after our WODs

Clean UpOnce you have completed your workout, please give us a hand by wiping down the bars and placing everything back where you found it. There is, however, one caveat: Be respectful of those who are still working out. It’s better to cheer someone on or relax than walk right in front of them with your barbell and weights. Nobody likes to be last, particularly when everyone else is cleaning up around them. Wipe down your bar and do a little static stretching while you cheer for others, then you can put your gear away and give them a hand with theirs.
Log Your PerformanceIf you don’t have a Performance Log, your coach will be chatting with you this week. They are essential to tracking your athletic progress. You will never know if what you are doing is effective unless you can track what you have been doing. This is the best $15 investment you will make in your fitness.
Post-WOD Recovery WorkIf your coach puts you through a post-WOD recovery drill (stretching or additional skill work) please view it with the same respect you view the first portions of the workout. Recovery is instrumental to getting more fit. If you slack here, it will show. If your coach ran out of time, you’re not excused from stretching. Most of you know our protocols for post-WOD stretching, and even if you don’t, any stretching after your WOD is better than none. Get it done – your body will thank you.
GHD MachinesAlmost as neglected as the foam rollers are our beautiful GHD machines. End your workout the way you began it, by socializing near the back wall.(In our Case -Bay Door) Jump on the GHD and knock out 10 sit-ups and 10 hip extensions. Then let a friend on to do the same. Switch on and off until you have done somewhere between 30-50 sit-ups and extensions.

I really like the GHD Idea-if you are looking for some tune up work after a WOD make friends with it-get a friend or two to join you for sets of ten.

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  1. Liz- I am not to worried about rust so much as warping/bending
    The clean by nature is with a full squat-I say squat clean to clarify. A power clean means no squat or at least not below paralell. Believe it or not a properly executed squat lean can move more weight than a power clean because you get under it and it doesn’t have as far to go on the pull. If you aren’t confused enough already they are both from the floor. If you start holding a lift it is the ‘hang’ variation. So there it is Clean (w/squat) Power clean (no squat below paralell) Both from the ground. The same qualifiers would determine if it is a hanging clean or hanging squat clean-Make sense?