*ANNOUNCEMENT* Every Monday at six we will be doing a weightlifting class. The class will go for a 10 week cycle. This Cycle will be the Snatch-All are welcome starting this Monday.
We have also been invited to enter online affiliate challenges-More details to come.



5 Rounds For Time
Max Rep Strict Chin Ups
1 Gasser also known as a Suicide Sprint

freddy c. from CrossFit One World came up with a cool concept based on…
Proprioception (pronounced -PRO-pree-o-SEP-shun); from Latin proprius, meaning “one’s own” and perception) is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body. Unlike the six exteroceptive senses (sight, taste, smell, touch,hearing, and balance) by which we perceive the outside world, and interoceptive senses, by which we perceive the pain and the stretching of internal organs, proprioception is a third distinct sensory modality that provides feedback solely on the status of the body internally. It is the sense that indicates whether the body is moving with required effort, as well as where the various parts of the body are located in relation to each other.

A good way to test your proprioceptive skills is to do familiar movements with your eyes closed-in a safe location of course. Next time something like squats or push ups come up try doing them with your eyes closed. Work your way up to freestanding Handstands!

I thought that after todays 30 Clean and Jerks for Time you would all appreciate Jason Khalipas winning performance 30 Reps @ 155lbs in 2:48! Thats what it takes to be crowned the fittest man!

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