Warm Up B. (See List Below)

Review The SDLHP
& Movement Standards


“Texas Qualifier 3rd WOD”

21, 15, and 9 reps of

Box Jumps (24 inches)
KB Swings (1 pood women / 1.5 pood men)
Sumodeadlift Highpull (65lbs women / 95lbs men)

Finisher Snatch Progression

O-lifting Class at 6pm Week 2 Of The 3×8 Snatch Workout

The essential features of our warm-up are that they
include a stretch and major hip/leg extension, trunk/hip
extension and flexion, and pushing and pulling movements.
The combinations are limitless and might include more
challenging movements like good mornings, hollow
rocks, rope climb, or handstand push-ups in place of back
extensions, sit-ups, pull-ups, and dips. The movements
used will largely depend on your athletic development,
but over time the more challenging movements can be
included without being a whole workout.

Benefits of the CrossFit Warm-up
-Elevates body temperature
-Elevates cardiorespiratory rate
-Incorporates stretching
-Develops critical functions/movements
-Works whole body
-Prepares for rigorous athletic movements

One consequence of a warm-up like this is that bigger
numbers of pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and other
calisthenic movements will ensue. Before anyone gets 25
pull-ups, three sets of 10 will have to be a breeze. Your
max set of pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, dips, rope climb
(fastest climb/most consecutive trips), and handstand
push-ups will be a multiple of the number that doesn’t
tax you beyond a warm-up. Some coaches have called
this “synaptic facilitation”, Pavel called it “greasing the
groove”; we call it “practice”. (It is our contention that
all exercises have a stronger neurological component
than is commonly recognized.)

Here is a list of what have become some of our standard Warm Ups-Got a good warm up idea that could become an instant classic? (Expect to hear from Tim!) Post it to the comments! What’s your favorite type of warm up? The Samson Stretch is demonstrated in the Video at the end.

A. The Official CrossFit Warm-up (Usually 3 sets of 10)
Samson Stretch
Overhead Squat
Back Extension

30 seconds amrap double unders
30 Seconds Mountain Climbers

25 seconds D/u try to beat the #from 30 sec.
25 Seconds Mountian Climbers

Lunge 10 steps
10 perfect push-ups

20 Seconds double unders
20 seconds mountian climbers

Jumping pull ups 30 seconds

Samson stretch

Run 200m
15 squats slow and low
15 Mountian Climber Push Ups- slow and low
return 200m Backward and sideways
Samson Stretch & Mobility

Ball Conga w/various return options
followed by samson and mobility

4,6,8 way hurdles w/various return options

Proprioception (pronounced -PRO-pree-o-SEP-shun); fromLatin proprius, meaning “one’s own” and perception) is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body. Unlike the six exteroceptive senses (sight, taste, smell, touch,hearing, and balance) by which we perceive the outside world, and interoceptive senses, by which we perceive the pain and the stretching of internal organs, proprioception is a third distinct sensory modality that provides feedback solely on the status of the body internally. It is the sense that indicates whether the body is moving with required effort, as well as where the various parts of the body are located in relation to each other.

Complete x rounds for time of:
10 squats with your eyes closed
10 push-ups with your eyes closed

An absolute Fire Breathing Machine-prior to a WOD

6 Responses

  1. I love warm ups! Great article. I’ve gotta leave the house now, but (a lot) more to come later today…
    Also, be ready to sweat 4 and 5 o’clockers!

  2. Ok, I’m back. I’ll try not to get too long winded. A few reasons why I like warm ups so much, and think they’re really important (apart from the obvious physiological reasons) is as follows:
    1) They’re fun – it’s a chance to play around before you get serious during the wod.
    2) It gets me their mentally. After the warm up, I’m not thinking about what happened earlier that day, or what’ll happen tomorrow. I’m here now.
    3) It’s a chance to develop some of the finer skills such as balance, coordination, accuracy and agility.

    My favorite, read: most fun, type of warm up is an organized group warm up. It’s great when everyone gets together and jokes, laughs and starts to sweat.

    I also love the proprioception stuff. You’ll see more of that from me asap!

  3. Tim, you scare me a little when you start talking about warm-ups! I know it means we’re getting worked hard! But I also know it’s really good for me, and like you said, really gets me in the mind set for the WOD.
    So, bring it on, warm-up sensei:)

  4. HA! Thanks, Ninja! One more point about warm ups, then an example. I love how during the warm up the stiffness, soreness, and tightness goes away. Also, if you do a light version of the same moves that the wod entails, it really ties in that mind/muscle connection and prepares you for what your about to ask – no tell – your body to do. Oopps, that was two points. Ok, I’ll stop now.

    Here’s an example of what I’m talkin’ about:

    1) Group jog with dodge ball toss (you’ll see what that is today)
    2) Hollow Rocks, Push-ups, Air Squats. 10 of each with eyes closed! 3 rounds for time. Yes, that’ll be fun!
    3) Good Mornings w/barbell 30
    4) Box jumps 30
    5) Partner Pull Ups, max reps
    6) Hand Stand hold. Once, max time.
    Light stretching (samson) and wod specific moves

    Complete in 15 minutes or scale

  5. Sounds like play time to me! Have fun at the 4 & 5 wish I could be there-hey maybe we can warm up the Snatch group with that psyco fun!?