Tabata Mash-Up

Box Jumps Medium Box
KB Swings 1.5/1 Pood
Sit Ups

Our New Gym Dog A bargain at 1/2 a million dollars.

Even Dogs Love Paleo
From “Avoiding Metabolic Derangement“t-By Greg Glassman
Dog Food
Carnivore or Cornivore?
The lead ingredient in most dog foods is corn. For a lot more money we can upgrade to rice. At first we had trouble imagining the niche of a corn eating, or “cornivorous”, dog, but with a little work we got it. In nature corn eating dogs would use their
tiny little front teeth to denude the cob of kernel. But, there’s competition for the corn among other cornivores, like chickens. It is for these competitors like the chicken that our corneating dog would need a mouthful of fangs – to ward the chickens off the corn, not to eat them! Take any dog food manufacturer’s claimed caloric requirements for a dog and place an amount of naturally available biomass equivalent to that load at sixty to seventy percent carbohydrate and place it on a tarp. Now find a dog that will eat that much grass and vegetation. It would take a goat. The premise of a dog requiring a high carbohydrate
diet is patently absurd. The industrialization of food has produced faire that neither man nor dog should eat. Athena, the CrossFit mascot, doesn’t like corn. She won’t eat it. She also won’t eat rice, potato chips, most “doggie treats”, or “dog food”. She does like chicken legs though, and she eats them raw. She eats everyday on average 3-5 chicken legs, a little grass, a multivitamin, and 2 fish oil-caplets.