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Although I have posted thing about the glycemic index before-it certainly bears repeating since a high glycemic diet is so inextricably linked to weight gain and many ills and diseases.
CrossFit Journal-Glycemic Index
A new age is dawning in nutrition: one where the culprit is seen not as dietary fat but as excess consumption of carbohydrate—particularly refined or processed carbohydrate. In fact, there’s an increasing awareness that excess carbohydrates play a dominant role in chronic diseases such as obesity, coronary heart disease, many cancers, and
diabetes. This understanding comes directly from current medical research. Amazingly, the near-universal perception that dietary fat is the major culprit in obesity has no scientific foundation.

There is a singular measure of carbohydrate that gives exactly this information: the glycemic index. Glycemic index is simply a measure of a food’s propensity to raise blood sugar. Avoid high-glycemic-index foods and you’ll avoid many, if not most, of the ills associated with diet.
Click here for the whole article which includes a (not entirely paleo) shopping list.

For a ridiculously comprehensive list of the Glycemic score of tons of different foods click here.

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  1. Mark, I hope you didn’t read the journal article from yesterday. That damn Amundson made an argument for double-unders. Looks like I will have to learn them now.

  2. Thanks Mark and Liz for the humor today. At least she did # 1, not # 2!

    Chris: a very wise man once said “you can do it!”
    Great article, huh? Perhaps getting the double-unders will make you an even better human taxi!