Monday 28th

Warm Up

Med Ball Conga x 4
4 Way Quick Feet Bear Crawl
Movement Review
Set Up Stations


5 Rounds For Time
135/95 1 Press, 3 Push Press, 5 Push Jerk, 15 Sit Ups

Finisher 3 Rounds Focusing On Technique

Pistols MOV video WMV Video
Ring Dips MOV Video WMV Video

CFE-Running Team
Tabata Sprints
20 second sprint 10 second rest repeat 8 rounds. There are only 13 days left for our 10k Race on Oct 10th. We will have a bring a friend after party and WOD-See you there!

1 Response

  1. Just noticing that the goal board is looking outdated and sparse-lets add some purpose to our warm ups or finishers by setting new goals and celebrating them when they are achieved! Have you gotten that Muscle up? What about that pull up? How about even a push up? Feeling good in the ovehead squat?
    Pick something-get hungry for it, write it down on the board and attack!