21-15-9 For Time
Clean 135/95 (Power or Squat Preferably Squat Notice the notations in the Video Below)
Ring Dips

CFE-Run: Sand Bag Carry or Tire Drag 2 rounds of: run 200m rest equal time of run, run 400m rest equal time of run, run 600 rest equal time of run Repeat for second round. Bring a watch and we will do this on the back road with turn-arounds.

Who is this guy!?

Perhaps you remember the first time he came to us back in May-He sure does. He needed help into his house after completing the baseline! (500m Row 40 Air Squats 30 Sit Ups 20 Push Ups and 10 Pull Ups)His kids called his wife because he flopped down onto his bed and didn’t move!

Just 4 months later (not a full 4 months because of a wrestling injury-kids are tough!) and Greg Benton has completely transformed himself. He went from 200 lbs to 160lbs and lots more muscle and strength. I know we have all seen the tremendous increase in Greg’s performance.
Well Greg redid his baseline without assist bands in less than 1/2 the time…AS HIS WARM-UP(!) Then did the workout of the day. Greg went from no pull ups to 25+ Most recently he posted a sub 10 Helen, did Barbara as Rx’d and got 272 on Fight Gone Bad. Greg Credits Paleo Nutrition (with occasional cheats) and just showing up at CrossFit for the workout of the day about 5x a week. You will also find Greg practicing things he wants to improve on daily. Greg, on behalf of the community at CrossFit Cape Cod-we are all really happy for you and proud to call you our own!

7 Responses

  1. Greg! That is so awesome dude! I had no idea you used to be 200#. Congrats on all of your success and warm wishes for much more in the future. C3 is for real!!!

  2. Hello everybody from hot Houston, Tx. Two days down 5,635,475 more to go!

    Thanks for sharing that with us Greg and Mark. Inspirational.

    Did Chelsea at the hotel today (he,he). Some funny looks and 30 minutes later I was done.

    Discovered a new favorite activity to do post wod: jump in a pool. The hotel has an outdoor pool right outside of the gym – how convenient!

    Take care everyone!

  3. Awesome story! Who knew such a stellar athlete was hiding in there this whole time, hey??

    Love and adoration from a random CF box in the middle of nowhere in Canada