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Please register on line here or at CrossFit Cape Cod for the October 31st 5k. The race starts at 11:30 AM The address is Popponesset Market Place, Mashpee 333 Rock Landing Road.

We did the Bench press with the Morning and Noon crews. However at 4 o’clock we had heard enough people say that the bench press hurt their shoulder(s) once it got heavy enough. Well Matty started doing push ups with a few 45lb plates on his back. We did some with the punching bag on our backs and even some of the girls did push ups with Medicine Balls on their backs. We refined it to doing max number of reps with the most weight you can, take some weight off then keep going-for example 20lb med ball x 5, 14lb med ball x 3, 10lb ball x 3 6lb ball x 2 unweighted x 1.5. It was waaaayy more functional and whole body, group oriented, and more fun than the bench press- not to mention pain free- even if the bench press was bothering people right before they took a crack at the weighted push up.



Squat 5-5-5

followed by…

AMRAP 12 minutes

8 KB Swings With Left Arm 8 Over Head Walking Lunges Left Arm ,8 KB Swings Right Arm 8 Over Head Walking Lunges Right Arm=1 round.

Use a weight you can swing with your non dominant arm for 8 reps. (Not the yellow 10 pounder)

Heather on her way to 100 Pull Ups first thing in the morning.

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