Back Squat

The Back Squat from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

CFEndurance -3 rounds of (20sec on/60sec off, 20sec on/50sec off, 20sec on/40sec off, 20sec on/30sec off, 20sec on/20sec off, 20sec on/10sec off) Start next round after 10 sec rest..

All out Efforts!

Sorry for the delay on the shirts the screen printer promised samples tomorrow for fitting your size. We will have them ordered and ready before the Race on the 31st. It is my hope that everyone runs the race. As I said before it is a good cause and it will be a ton of fun. The race coordinator from the Mashpee Fire Department asked us to do a pre-race warm for any of the 350 participants that would like to join in! As you all know we are going to have a table under the tent at the after race activities- so it will be a ton of fun and great representation if we can have everyone there!

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