Amy hits a pose for the stretching and active recovery class. Everyone loved it and this will be a regular thing. Flexibility is a primary, and some say the key physical skill of the ten components of fitness. Feel free to ask Amy or myself what goes on in the class if you are curious. The next class will be announced in November.


10 Rounds For Time
2 L-Pull Ups
3 Strict Pull Ups
5 Kipping Pull Ups

Don’t forget to come and enjoy the festivities Saturday at the market in New Seabury. Again if anyone wants to carpool let me know. If you aren’t running come on by and visit us under the tent at our table and enjoy the event.

The Cape Relay, May 1st and 2nd Any one interested in a team Relay that includes 12 runners and spans from the Greater Boston area to the tip of Provincetown? Let’s get a team together! (Pat tells me that Matt K is contemplating doing all 12 legs solo!) There are 3 sections for each runner of varying length and difficulty so all levels can participate. Let us know if you are in.

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