Recognizing that the breadth and depth of a program’s stimulus will determine the breadth and depth of the adaptation it elicits, our prescription of functionality and intensity is constantly varied. We believe that preparation for random physical challenges—i.e., unknown and unknowable events—is at odds with fixed, predictable, and routine regimens.”

Tom Nicole Liz and Kristin at the 5k Jolly Jaunt. Again, congrats to first time 5k runners, Liz and Kristin. Kristin told us that before CrossFit she couldn’t run 400 meters!



Death By 10 Meters
…with a continuously running clock sprint 10m 1x the first minute rest for the remainder of the minute then sprint the 10m 2x the second minute and rest the remainder of the minute. Sprint the 10m 3x the third minute etc until you are no longer able to complete the number of 10m runs within the minute. Our current record holder is Bushy with 18rounds completed. I am looking forward to getting a new Board with more benchmark WODS on it and this will be one of them. Go hard!