In implementation, CrossFit is, quite simply, a sport—the “sport of fitness.” We’ve learned that harnessing the natural camaraderie, competition, and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means.”
Greg Glassman



Clean and Jerk

Monday night at 6:00pm Amy S will be holding a partners stretching class. Come experience deep stretches with a friend or significant other. Postures will be performed in pairs allowing you to explore lengthening a little further while being given support and encouragement by your partner. The Class is ten dollars per participant.

Thursday night at 5:30 Mike L will be extending the opportunity for all of us to get CPR Certified. Mike will take us through 3 hours of adult child and infant CPR instruction and upon completion we will receive our certifications. He has graciously offered to do this for only 20 dollars. Please make room in your schedule on Thursday night for this.

From CrossFit Verve in Denver Co.

Cherie’s famous 100% paleo/zone, super-duper easy, no excuses chili.


2.5 Pounds uncooked ground lean turkey meat

78 Black olives sliced or diced

5.5 Cups of salsa (I buy the four pounder of Pace at Cosco)

1 Onion diced

Chili powder and pepper to taste.

Cook the ground turkey and onions in a pan until brown. Drain the “juices”. Add the salsa and olives. Let cook on medium for 5 minutes or until hot. Add chili powder and pepper to taste, I sprinkle in on the top, stir and sprinkle again. Seriously this takes all of 15 minutes, it’s awesomeness.

Makes 26 Blocks of Protein, 13 Blocks of carbs and 26 Blocks of fat. Put in the fridge and have ready for those meal you need in a snap.

1 Cup = 2 Protien, 1 Carb and 2 Fat. For a three block meal have 1.5 cups and add 1.5 carbs (maybe some delicious fruit berries). For a four block meal have 2 cups and add 2 carbs. This is great over broccoli. We go crazy on the steamer bag veggies at King Soopers (they are on sale right now). Microwave a bag and toss the chili on. Yum Yum.

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