21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

for time.

Please remember that the 5:00 class will end around 5:30 so for the CPR certification. Please be ready to go by 5:00 sharp. All are welcome to attend the CPR Certification our very own Mike L at 5:30. It will likely go til 8:30 and the cost is only twenty dollars.

You really missed out if you didn’t get to do the tandem active recovery class! Our newest member Charlie was watching these four and observed -“This place gives adults a chance to have fun!” Well put Charlie.

Ok,Ok-go ahead and post your caption to the comments. 3-2-1-post!

Please remember that it is a requirement to sign up for the 6:30 am class. Simply call or text me at 508-648-5648 before 6:00pm the night before if you don’t have a chance to mention it to me at class.

Donate to the Alzheimer’s Charity associated with McGrail’s Marathon here.

It is my goal to get to sit down with each of you and discuss honestly what you are doing for your nutrition. Many of you have had the chance to sit down with me and walk me through an average day of eating and I really appreciate all of the openness. We examine what is working and what adjustments would help. If you have already had your nutritional consultation then let’s do a follow up. If you haven’t had a chance-take advantage of this aspect of what we offer at your earliest convenience. If you don’t want to hear it or think you know everything I am going to say-I don’t care do it any ways, and you may like how simple it is- it doesn’t have to end with a long cry and a hug. So let’s talk-10 min before or after class privately or with someone from your household. If you think about the best progress we have all seen at our affiliate and all of the best progress made by people at affiliates globally-the biggest success stories are inextricably linked to good Nutrition. Now’s the time.

6 Responses

  1. “Yes, we are allowed to do this in public”

    “Twister’s got nothin’ on CrossFit”

    “Sober? Vote Yes or No”

    Help me, Mark! I’m surrounded by pancakes, cookeis, ice-cream, and people with guns!

  2. Tim-I laughed out loud when I read that cry for help and got the visual!
    It was great to hear your voice on the phone the other morning-looking forward to your visit in February!
    Sounds like your healtiest option is eat the guns-unless no one would notice if a few of the people were eaten.